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Electrified fleets
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Why Are Organizations Planning For Fleet Electrification?

Reduced Spending on Fuel: 
The cost to fuel a plug-in electric vehicle is substantially lower than the cost of gasoline or diesel. For example, at a price of $3 per gallon, a gasoline-powered vehicle getting 30 miles per gallon costs about 10 cents per mile to fuel. By comparison, at the national average electricity price of 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, a typical electric vehicle costs about 3 cents per mile to fuel.



Reduced Spending on Maintenance:
An electric drivetrain is functionally simpler than a conventional drivetrain.  Battery electric vehicles only have one moving part: the electric motor. EVs also feature simpler transmissions and do not require fluid replacement. Commercial fleets operating these vehicles today are reporting maintenance cost reductions of more than 50% for battery electric vehicles.



Corporate Sustainability:
These vehicles offer a significant improvement for air quality in urban environments. They also offer significant total reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, therefore realizing the organization's sustainability goals.



Employee Retention:
Several commercial fleets operating plug-in electric vehicles have reported high levels of employee satisfaction, improved performance, and better retention. For example, in delivery applications, drivers of EV trucks appreciate the smooth and quiet ride, the elimination of diesel or gasoline exhaust fumes, and the idea that they are operating a cutting-edge technology. 



Operational Benefits:
Electric trucks eliminate trips to the gas station therefore minimizing employee downtime. Utility and other service vehicles report that electrically powered buckets reduce ambient noise at the job-site and contribute to a safe work environment.

What does a Fleet Electrification Plan do?

An accurate and comprehensive fleet electrification plan can help  your organization by:


  • Recommending the least-cost models that meet class, daily trip, and operations requirements.
  • Recommending least-cost chargers that meet demand within available charge time by locations.
  • Estimating EV to ICE equivalent vehicle costs over asset lifetime.
  • Comparing EV to ICE equivalent CO2 emissions over asset lifetime.

Ameren Missouri Wants to Help You


Ameren Missouri has partnered with eIQ Fleet Mobility to execute free fleet assessments for organizations within the service territory. This is an excellent opportunity for your business to assess your current fleet solution and learn what potential quantitative and qualitative benefits there are to electrifying your fleet.


To learn more about this free fleet assessment,
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