Free Fleet Assessment

Custom Analysis for Electrifying Your Fleet

Driving savings and sustainability

Ameren Illinois is offering a free Fleet Assessment to help you weigh options for adding electric vehicles (EVs) to your business now or in the future without obligation. Our experts can help you assess the fleet electrification path that might be most beneficial for you. This program is available for a limited number of customers.

The assessment incorporates a wide array of data in developing a custom case for integrating EVs into your fleet. The confidential assessment process incorporates your corporate fleet information and delivers a custom report on how fleet electrification might impact your business. Topics covered include, among others, total cost of ownership, financial payback timeframes on EV-related investments, and emissions impacts.

Our Assessment Offers
  • Dedicated expert support and consultation on fleet electrification options

  • Free, custom report on converting your existing fleet to electric

  • Strategic conversion plan

Your Custom Report Includes
  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Detailed information on comparative vehicle costs, charging requirements, fuel and

    maintenance savings, and emissions impacts

  • Company-specific fleet requirements including vehicle needs, annual mileage, and

    charging requirements

What We Need From You
  • Contact information, including your Ameren Illinois account number, and electric rate class

  • Current fleet composition and vehicle replacement strategy

  • Fleet operation requirements

  • Preferred EVs for fleet use

  • Charging requirements

Electrify Your Fleet - Potential Benefits

Total Cost Of Ownership

Lower fuel and maintenance costs for EVs can generate savings over a vehicle’s useful life. With fewer moving parts compared to an internal combustion engine, EVs are easy to maintain, typically 40% cheaper to maintain, and can improve reliability. A range of federal grants, tax credits and other incentives can reduce costs for vehicles and charging infrastructure.

Charging Flexibility

EV charging can be deployed based on your business needs, including overnight, at residences or multi-family dwellings, workplaces, and/or on the road at a growing number of public charging stations.

Sustainability &
Quiet Operation

EVs eliminate harmful tailpipe emissions that impact air quality, and generate less noise pollution. This benefits the communities that your corporate fleet visits and serves.

Improved Driving Experience

Immediate torque response, quick acceleration, safe handling, and one-pedal driving using regenerative braking all contribute to making the EV experience better for drivers.

Using Your Custom Fleet Assessment

The Fleet Electrification Assessment Tool (FEAT) will help you evaluate the benefits of electrifying your fleet, based on your company’s specific needs.

FEAT Metrics

FEAT generates scenarios that factor in variables including electricity prices, fuel costs, and operations and maintenance expenditures:

  1. Base: Forecast reflects current, constant market conditions
  2. EV-Centric: Forecast trends favorably towards EVs
  3. ICE-Centric: Forecast trends favorably towards internal combustion engine(ICE) vehicle
Assessment Time Horizon

FEAT forecasts demonstrate potential business impacts over 5 – 20 years.

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