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EV 201

Thank you for attending the Ameren Illinois EV 201 virtual event! Below please find a brief survey and additional resources to assist you on your journey to driving electric.

Feedback Survey

Please take a moment to complete our brief survey. Any feedback you might have will be greatly appreciated and utilized to help improve future events.

EV Resources

Easy To Charge

Use PlugShare or other charging apps to find public chargers around town or plan a road trip.

Benefits of Driving Electric

Electric vehicles are fun and exciting to drive, easy to charge, and cost less to fuel and maintain. 

Compare Models & Take a Drive

EV Rate Program

Ameren Illinois offers rate options to help you save money. Sign up for the EV Rate Program to ensure you get the best rate available while charging your EV during the preferred charging period. Learn more.

Calculate Your Savings

Calculate how much a PHEV or BEV could save you in your daily commute. 

Federal Tax Credit

Explore the available federal tax credit available for different electric models. 

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